Studio is an ERG for creative expression, both inside and outside the company. Our mission is simply to collaborate and share our collective creative talents for self-enrichment and to benefit the organization and our community.​



Meet some of our artists

Bryson L.
Bryson Lair

SPECIALTY: Interior Design
MEDIUM: Specialize in primitive antiques
EXPERIENCE MY WORK:Worked for two top interior designers from 1989-1995

Grey B.
Grey Borneman

SPECIALTY:Visual Art & Textile Design
MEDIUM: Watercolor & Silk Scarf design
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: greyhalldesign.com, @greyhalldesign

Kathy H.
Kathy Himes

Specialty:Musician - Flute
Medium:Founding member of Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: Pops concerts & classical concerts

Kim G.
Kim Graham

SPECIALTY: Creative Writing
MEDIUM: Essay, memoir, poetry, short stories & novel in progress
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: Instagram @kalikomonkey

Larissa C.
Larissa Cullen

SPECIALTY: Visual Artist
MEDIUM: I specialize in watercolor and oils
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: ltcfineartist.com

Linda S.
Linda Sandidge

Specialty: Jewelry Design
MEDIUM: Jewelry Artisan, Metalsmith, Enamel Artist
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: www.citylifegirlllc.com

Luke W.
Luke Wilson

SPECIALTY: Mixed Media Artist
MEDIUM: watercolor, papercraft, ukulele
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: @LukeNateArtist on Instagram

Merriel M.
Merriel Miller

MEDIUM: Hand weaving on Tablet, Rigid Heddle, Table, Floor Looms
EXPERIENCE MY WORK:Handwoven Magazine, Facebook @Handwo

Michele L.
Michele Lehmkuhl

SPECIALTY: Photographer
MEDIUM: Digital
EXPERIENCE MY WORK: My work at this point involves my kids and travel, @beaartrvadventures

R. Kevin T
R. Kevin Turner

SPECIALTY: Visual Artist - Sculptor
MEDIUM: Specialize in wood and metal working


Employee Highlights - ArtsWave 2021

Hear employees' personal stories and experiences on how the arts have influenced them

Al Early

Watch as CBTS' Al Early takes us through his journey of being in a band.

Leigh Fox

Watch as our CEO Leigh Fox reminisces on his journey with music and states, “The arts make us better human beings.”

Jenna & Meredith

Watch as Meridith and Jenna talk about their passion for belly dancing and the #CincyArts​ community.

Larissa Cullen

Larissa Cullen is the founder and leader of Studio, our employee resource group for creative expression. Larissa has been an artist her whole life, but believes everyone has creative abilities they can tap into.


Supporting ArtsWave

ArtsWave supports more than 225 small businesses in the region that have an economic impact of more than $300 million annually, and that employ over 10,000 people. 

Celebrate Cincinnati’s local Arts by purchasing Cincinnati Bell’s newest #CincyGive shirt! A portion of proceeds generated will go to the ArtsWave Foundation. 

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Key Programs



Mask & Scrub Cap Initiative

Members of Studio created masks and scrub caps for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Watercolor Painting Class

Members of Studio participated in a watercolor painting class, in which they learned technique and painted from a variety of centerpeices.