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What is included in my search results?

When you search or browse for movies or individual episodes of a series, your results include
videos available to stream from your selected video apps — no need to switch to a different
input. Available video apps are shown in the right column of the search screen or on the
Series, Movie, or Episode screen. From there, you can see a list of your streaming options.
Don't have time to watch it now? Rather than search for it again later, bookmark it to watch
later. Currently available streaming movies are found in My Shows in the Movies filter, or in the
Streaming Movies group in the All Shows filter. Available TV shows are added to the TV Series
category and to All Shows.
If a streaming video is currently unavailable from any of your video providers, its added to the

Not Currently Available group at the bottom of My Shows. When the video becomes available, it will automatically be added to the correct filter in My Shows.