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How does Net Neutrality affect me as an altafiber customer?

The FCC recently voted to repeal net neutrality rules. This decision is seen as a “win” for national Internet Service Providers that supply high-speed Internet, and that aggressively lobbied for the change – although many of these providers have so far declined to discuss what the FCC’s vote means for their customers in the long term.
altafiber wants you to be clear on our position:
  • We will not prioritize Internet content traffic. We have, and will continue, to keep treating all Internet traffic the same way.
  • We will not charge you a premium to access content that is freely accessible over the Internet. Our job is to maintain your connection. You decide how to leverage that connection.
In other words: The repeal of net neutrality rules will not impact altafiber customers. altafiber is building and maintaining a fiber network that is designed to meet the current and future bandwidth needs of our customers. There is no need for altafiber to prioritize or throttle Internet traffic.