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What is Family Rules and how is it different than parental controls?

Internet Safeguard comes with a completely redesigned Family Rules feature set which replaces the previously available Parental Controls. Family Rules helps you to set healthy boundaries for your children’s digital life by introducing a new child role and allowing you to easily manage these “rules” via the online security portal. You no longer need to have your child’s device in hand in order to set up these rules.

Family Rules includes many features to keep your children safe online including:
  • Content Filtering: Block inappropriate content based on the age of your child, content topics, etc.
  • App Control for Android only: Screen the applications before allowing your child to use them or set time limits for when they can be used.
  • Time limits: Ensure a proper bed time or schedule specific homework time by setting an Internet curfew.
  • Finder: In the event your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, you can safeguard your personal information stored on the device by locking access to the device, by wiping all your information stored on the device or memory cards, or ring an alarm to help in locating the device.
  • Call Blocking for Android only: allows you to blacklist a particular phone number and prevent both incoming and outgoing calls and messages (SMS/MMS) to and from the blocked numbers.