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How do I import my passwords from another password manager?

You can import existing password data from other password managers. Importing is possible with the Windows and Mac OS X versions of the product. Steps how to do this:
  1. Export the data from 3rd party password manager to a file in compatible data format of those noted below.
  2. Open Password SafeGuard, enter the master password to go to the main view
  3. Open the side menu and select "Import passwords"
  4. Click the "Browse" button to open the file selector dialog and select the file where you exported the data in step 1.
  5. Import is then complete.
F-Secure Key can import the following data export formats:
  • Password Safe XML export format
  • KeePass 2.x XML export format
  • 1Password 'interchange File' format
  • F-Secure Key's own data export format