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I keep seeing a "banking protection active" notification at the top of my browser. What is this?

Internet SafeGuard includes a feature called Banking Protection which keeps your financial transactions safe while you shop or bank online. Banking Protection is available for Windows PC’s and Android phones or tablets.
The Banking protection feature prevents man-in-the-middle attacks from happening while you are banking or shopping online. An unwanted third-party connection is not usually visible to the user and can manipulate the transaction you are trying to make, ultimately transferring funds to an untrusted party. To prevent these common attacks from happening, banking protection blocks untrusted internet connections from being made while you are in a protected banking or shopping session.
Also, all connections of the trusted processes are checked. If a trusted process connects to an untrusted or unknown IP-address, the connections are automatically blocked.You are not given a notification if an untrusted connection has been blocked.
The banking protection notification at the top of your browse provides you with peace of mind that your online transactions are safe from cyber-attacks. Banking protection will automatically end after you have completed your banking or shopping session.