Connect Cincinnati: Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the common Wi-Fi network (SSID) for Connect Cincinnati venues?
Fioptics Free Wi-Fi

How do I find a Fioptics Free Wi-Fi Hotspot?
First, make sure you are in a Fioptics Free Wi-Fi hotspot. Using your Wi-Fi-enabled device, look at the list of available networks and make sure that you see the network name "Fioptics Free Wi-Fi". If you don't see "Fioptics Free Wi-Fi" in the list, you are not in a hotspot.

Is there a cost associated with the Connect Cincinnati mobile app or Wi-Fi Hotspots?
No, the Connect Cincinnati app and Wi-Fi are entirely free to all users.

Do I have to sign in to Fioptics Free Wi-Fi each time I enter a Hotspot?
The first time you attempt to access Fioptics Free Wi-Fi Internet service, you will be presented a page to enter your email address and connect. Any time you re-enter a Fioptics Free Wi-Fi hotspot zone you will automatically authenticate to the Wi-Fi environment.

Is my device supported to download the Connect Cincinnati App?
To use the Connect Cincinnati app, you will need to use a supported Apple Device (iOS 8.1 or higher) or Android Device (4.1 or higher).

How do I login to the Connect Cincinnati App?
Once you have downloaded the Connect Cincinnati mobile app you have three login options:
  • Login with My altafiber Account Email Address
  • Login with any standard email address
  • Login with Facebook Account
Each time you launch your app after the initial login you will not be required to enter your information again unless you log out of the app or delete the app from your device. If you do not login with your My altafiber Account the first time and want to redeem an offer as a altafiber customer, logout and sign in with your My Account information.

How do I confirm my My altafiber Account Email Address?
For more information on your My Account please log in at, or call 513-566-3290.

Do I need to be a altafiber customer to connect to Fioptics Free Wi-Fi?
No, anyone can connect to Wi-Fi and use the app, but altafiber customers who log in using their My altafiber Account will have access to additional, exclusive offers and content.

How do I find Fioptics Free Wi-Fi Hotspot locations?
Within the Connect Cincinnati mobile app the map view provides detail of all the Fioptics Free Wi-Fi locations noted with a hotspots icon.

What services should be enabled to fully experience the Connect Cincinnati App?
  1. Turn on Wi-Fi
  2. Enable Location Services
  3. Turn on Bluetooth
  4. Enable Push Notifications
All of these services can be found within the settings of your device.

Why should I download the Connect Cincinnati app?
Powered by Fioptics, Connect Cincinnati is the first city wide, free mobile app connecting consumers, businesses and the community. The Connect Cincinnati app allows you to stay connected at Fioptics Free Wi-Fi hotspots, receive special offers, deals and exclusive content at your favorite locations across the city.

This is a public Wi-Fi network. Is my information secure?
Most websites that require personal information use HTTPS encryption, and more are using it every day. Any website that utilizes HTTPS will be encrypted as soon as it leaves your device, so your information is secure. For any non-HTTPS websites it is recommended to not send any personally identifiable information.

Who can I contact for additional support?
For more information, please email or call 513-566-3290.