Radius wifi

Radius Wi-Fi - $7.99/mo

A whole-home wireless solution that keeps all of your devices connected. 

altafiber is pleased to announce the official launch of our most innovative feature yet, Radius Wi-Fi. A highly trained technician will perform an on-site assessment of your residence and deliver the most advanced AC Gateway altafiber has to offer. 

  • Network support
  • Pairing support for smart home devices
  • Gaming setup 
  • Hardware advice and counseling 

Radius Wi-Fi Plus - $19.99/mo

With Radius Wi-Fi Plus, get all of the features included in Radius Wi-Fi, Premium Technical Support by a highly trained agent, and if necessary, increase the wireless signal throughout your home using cutting edge booster technology.


  • Software support and PC tune-ups
  • OS system and driver installation
  • PC scans and registry errors 
  • Virus, ransomware and malware removal
A dedicated consumer representative
Gaming setup

Gaming Setup

Supports gaming devices like: PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch and more. 


On-site Premise Assessment

A skilled altafiber technician will come to your home and perform an in depth assessment.

Helpful Cincinnati Bell employee
Networking support

Networking Support

Peace of mind knowing that our Support Agents have you covered for all of your networking needs. 


Smart Home Device Support

Get total support for your Smart Home devices such as: Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest and more. 


Nest smart home products

Ask about Connected Home Installation!

 For a one-time fee, an expert technician will come to your home and install as many IoT devices as possible in your session.