Fioptics TV App

Watch live TV on any device, anywhere in your home

Turn your phone or tablet into a TV! With the Watch Fioptics App you can watch over 70 of your favorite channels on your tablet or smartphone in any room of your house when connected to your altafiber provided home wireless network.

TV on the Go

Go Mobile! With Fioptics TV Everywhere, you can watch all of your favorite shows - anytime, anywhere.

A woman watching TV on the go
Whole home DVR

Record here, watch anywhere.

With Fioptics Whole Home DVR, record your favorite shows one time and watch it anywhere in your home.

  • Watch, record and delete programs from any room in your home
  • Record two programs at once while you watch a current program
  • Watch, rewind, pause and pick it up where you left off on any TV in your home

Missing your favorite show is a thing of the past.

With playback features from Fioptics, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to set the DVR.

  • Restart TV -  Begin playback of a currently-airing program from the beginning on select channels. 
  • Catch Up TV - Go back 3 days to catch up on shows you may have missed. No need to set the DVR – just browse through the Catch Up TV programs and enjoy.  Available on over 40 channels including TNT, TBS, A&E and more
Playback feauture