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Thrive with FIBER technology to equip your business with FASTER speeds & VIRTUAL solutions powering you to work from anywhere.

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Fiber Internet &

  • Fioptics Fiber Standard Internet – Fast, reliable connection with speeds up to 1 Gig
  • Advanced Internet – Includes 5 hour Rapid Repair, Premium Technical Support, Wirecare and Wireless Gateway
  • Max Internet- Includes Advanced Internet features, Marketing Wi-Fi Intelligence and a Static IP
  • Dedicated Internet – Bandwidth up to 100 Gbps with a Service Level Agreement and symmetrical connection

Flexible and Scalable

Virtual Collaboration Tools

  • VoIP technology providing fully hosted and managed voice solutions.
  • Collaboration solutions for virtual meetings, messaging, calling, video and more.
  • Customer Care solutions for enhancing how you service customers.


Advanced Solutions

  • Security - Protect your business, so you can focus on growing it.
  • SDWaaN- revolutionary, agile platform to deploy, manage and monitor hybrid public, private, wireline and wireless networks.
  • NaaS- experience a network that is fully managed and designed to give your business and locations visibility and peace of mind.