Anonymous Call Rejection
Don’t waste time taking calls you don’t want.
Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) allows you to block incoming calls from people who use *67 to block their phone number as well as calls made from a private line. When Anonymous Call Rejection is activated, your phone will not ring when an incoming “private” or “anonymous” call is received. Instead, the caller will hear an announcement advising them that the called party is not accepting calls marked “private” or “anonymous.” 
Anonymous Call Rejection is included at no cost for monthly subscribers to Caller ID or Call Return. This service may also be ordered separately.

Call Forwarding Services
Never miss an important phone call.
Call Forward: Allows you to have your calls automatically forwarded to another number. 
Anywhere Call Forward: Allows you to activate/deactivate call forwarding from anywhere.

Together Call Forward services let the busy professional manage incoming calls as needed. Whether you’ve gone to a branch office and had your calls forwarded there; are busy making outgoing calls so instead of customers getting a busy signal, or voice mail, you can re-direct the calls to your assistant; or you’re in and out of the office and when you’re not there, want to have calls forwarded to another branch … it’s all as simple as activating the system to fit the need.

Call Return 
Never miss an important business opportunity. 
Call Return allows you to quickly access the name and number of a missed caller.

The phone is ringing but you don’t get to it in time. No message is left. Was that the call you were waiting for? Just dial *69 and you’ll know the phone number, date and time of the most recent caller. And, your phone will automatically dial the number for you. No more looking up numbers or guessing who might have called.

Call Transfer 
Call Transfer allows a user to transfer an active call to any local, wireless or long distance number seamlessly.

A customer calls with questions about an order. The staff member with the answers is working at another branch. Enhance your customer service by transferring the customer to the other branch, without asking them to hang up and dial a different number. Call transfer goes a long way for mobile callers who may be driving and unable to write down a number.

Call Waiting
Never miss an important call again.
Call Waiting enables you to answer another call during an existing call.
When you’re on the telephone and you get another call:
• You will hear a short beep tone if the second call is local or a short beep, long beep, short beep if the second call is long distance.

You’re on the phone with a supplier but you’re waiting for an important call from an out-of-town customer regarding a new order. A second call comes in and you know it is long distance because of the short-long-short series of beeps you hear. You put your supplier on hold and take the call, and get the new order! For even greater “phone control,” with Caller ID you can see who is calling before putting the supplier on hold.

Caller ID
See who is calling at a glance.
Caller ID provides the identity of the person or business calling as well as the date and time of the call. 
Bonus: Don’t waste time taking calls you don’t want. 
Even if you’re away from your desk, you’ll always know who called - even if they didn’t leave a voicemail message. If you are already on the phone, and you have Call Waiting, you’ll be able to see who is calling on your Caller ID display. Never miss an important customer call again.

Distinctive Ring
Assign distinctive ring patterns for you or your employees to identify priority callers.
Distinctive Ring allows the user to designate up to two additional numbers (available in most areas) that, when called, will have their own distinctive ring pattern. 

Assign special distinctive ring numbers to different people in your office so you know who the call is for. If you have a home office, you can assign different ring tones so you always know if the incoming call is business or personal.

Repeat Dial 
Repeat Dial allows a user to automatically and conveniently redial a number. 

You need to reach a customer but the number is busy. Simply dial *66 to activate the Repeat Dial service and it will automatically redial the number for up 30 minutes until it gets through. This lets you attend to other tasks in the meantime.

Robocall Blocker
Tired of receiving telemarketers or robocalls?
Robocall Blocker is a free service that is automatically added to all phone lines* that blocks these types of calls. Simply press *950 to activate and *951 to deactivate.
View the PDF below to learn more. 
*Robocall Blocker is only applicable to flat rate or low usage business lines

Identify everyone who calls - before you answer.  Reveal intercepts calls normarly marked “private” or “anonymous” and requires the caller to enter their number to get through. No more anonymous calls from people who block their numbers – even telemarketers. To use Reveal, you must also subscribe to Caller ID service from altafiber.

Speed Dial 
No need to look up or remember those numbers you use every day.
A service that allows users to get short-cut dialing for your most frequently dialed numbers. 

Save time by getting abbreviated dialing for those numbers you call all the time — like your best customers and suppliers. With Speed Dial, calling is simple and fast from any phone in your workplace. Select your most frequently dialed numbers and change your list of programmed numbers as often as you wish.

Voice Mail
The most flexible way to manage your incoming calls and messages.
Get up to 4 mailboxes, and check messages from anywhere.

altafiber's  Voice Messaging services are the best way for you to keep in contact with your customers and business associates. For your callers, it means every call is answered and callers never hear a busy signal. – even when your line is tied up. For you, it means you can retrieve your messages on the road, at work, or anyplace in between. 

Make sure your customers speak to a live person.
Hunting allows your incoming calls to “hunt” for an open line. The hunt begins with the called line and continues through a prearranged sequence until the call is answered or reaches your voice mailbox.
You are normally able to keep up with most incoming customer calls, but there are peak times during the day or month where the call volume increases. Hunting allows incoming calls to search for an open line so that your customer can talk to another company representative rather than receiving a busy signal or being forwarded to your voice mailbox.