Explore the Possibilities

of Business Fiber

Why Fioptics Internet?

100x faster than average internet speeds
  • Our robust fiber network gives you the capacity to support your critical business applications and productivity
  • A wide portfolio of premium speeds helps you make the right choice for your business
  • Superior upload and download speeds that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes

Secure Network

Natively integrated security
  • Built-in threat detection and protection
  • Auto quarantine and isolation of compromised devices
  • Real-time security alerts
  • Security for both wired and wireless devices
  • Separate Wi-Fi networks for guests, vendors and employees
Enhanced productivity
  • Symmetrical Fioptics Internet speeds
  • Superior Wi-Fi 6 tech to ensure exceptional performance and reliability
  • Enterprise-grade network equipment at a small business price
  • Business traffic always takes bandwidth priority to avoid network slowdowns


Dedicated Internet

Performance to support bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Simultaneous users of Internet applications
  • High-performance routing of FTP
  • Stream video and transmit image files seamlessly
  • High quality real-time video conferencing
  • Hosting and content delivery
  • E-commerce capabilities


Scalability and simplicity
  • As your business applications require more bandwidth, ethernet provides flexibility as needed
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of your network to provide maximum performance
  • End-to-end connectivity provides the same local feel regardless of your network size


A network capable of handling even the most critical data with exceptional performance and support. Ideal for small and mid-sized companies who have a need to privately connect their business locations in the US and internationally.

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Enables control of information flow
  • Router performance reporting