Dedicated Fiber Internet

Power your business with a scalable, secure network; symmetrical upload and download speeds; and a seamless connection between users in different locations over a private IP global network.

Support Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

  • Simultaneous users of Internet applications
  • High-performance routing of FTP
  • Stream video and transmit image files seamlessly
  • High quality real-time video conferencing 
  • Hosting and content delivery
  • E-commerce capabilities
an office with large bandwidth needs

Improve Efficiency and Stay Connected

  • Fast and reliable Internet connectivity and communication
  • Improved operational and employee efficiency
  • Real-time product and service updates
  • Global reach and availability
  • Bandwidth options up to 100 Gbps
multi site connection
Multi-site Connection

With exceptional network coverage, depend on our dedicated connection that provides symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gbps.

secure private network
Secure, Private Network

Fully redundant core architecture to support secure and reliable distribution of private business content with prioritization over shared services during times of congestion.

reliability guaranteed
Reliability Guaranteed

Reliability is guaranteed, providing you with the speed and service you signed up for, backed by end-to-end SLAs with a 99.999% network reliability metric.

built for the future
Built for the Future

Your hometown provider has invested nearly $1.5 billion in the fiber network with roughly 16,000 fiber miles so you can have superior service.

Seamless connectivity & around-the-clock monitoring

altafiber's premium Dedicated Fiber Internet solution combines our Fuse Dedicated Internet and Metro Ethernet services for a scalable, private network with the bandwidth and speed to boot.

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