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Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC is now doing business as altafiber. Click on each of the section headers below to show/hide content.

If interested in establishing a new interconnection agreement service with altafiber, please contact Randall Schoultheis at randall.schoultheis@altafiber.com.

To submit a Secure ID request to xALI Web or xALI DBMS, please complete the User ID request form and email it (along with any supporting documents) to Donna Tepe at donna.tepe@altafiber.com.

Please select and complete the proper ordering workbook for the requested service. Email the completed workbook to Carrier Services at CarrierServices@altafiber.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Carrier Sales Account management support team.

Please note that some of our services require the use of SPEC codes to support order processes. If ordering a service that requires the use of a SPEC code, please be sure to include it on the request form.

Select and complete the proper order form for the requested service. Once complete, email the form (along with any supporting documents) to the email address listed on the order form. Please note that DSR forms will be sent to a different email address than the LSR forms.

To submit a Carrier Services Pathways request, please complete and email the forms below (along with any supporting documents) to Pathways at pathways@altafiber.com.

To submit a Carrier Services Collocation request, please select the proper form below. Once the form has been completed, please send the application (along with any supporting documents) to Collocation Manager at colocation.application.manager@altafiber.com.

The application and make ready fees can be paid electronically or via mail. Mailed payments should be sent to:

ATTN: Collocation Application Manager / Hollie Burke
Mail Stop: 103-920
221 E. 4th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

All requests will be held until the application fee has been received.

To submit a Carrier Services billing dispute, please email Carrier Disputes at CarrierDisputes@altafiber.com.

If you need assistance with our CARE products, please send your inquiry to CarrierServices@altafiber.com.