Connecting What Matters

altafiber's investment in the build out of our fiber optic network has made Cincinnati one of the most fiber dense cities in the United States. With more than 10,000 route miles of fiber cable already installed, altafiber's high-seed Fioptics Internet covers about 70% of the Greater Cincinnati area. Learn about the economic advantages it brings, and hear first-hand from customers on the impact access to fiber has had on their business.

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Why Fioptics

"We are the most unique city from the standpoint of fiber penetration than anywhere in the United States. If you think about what that does, it makes Cincinnati relevant" - Leigh Fox, CEO, altafiber Inc.

Fioptics is the future of communications technology, and offering speeds up to 1 Gbps, it is THE fastest Internet in town. What Fioptics really does, though, is connect the community. 

This unparalleled technology is used to provide internet to local businesses and organizations like Braxton Brewery, to provide enough speed and bandwidth to support the one-to-one device to student ratio at Taft Information Technology High School, and to keep families connected at Ronald McDonald House so they can focus on their child's health.

Those are just a few ways Fioptics is truly connecting what matters in Greater Cincinnati. See how it can connect what matters most to you. 

Fiber Technology

Fiber technology uses a cable, made up of thin strands of glass or plastic fibers, to transmit data modulated onto light waves. Just one strand is less than a tenth as thick as a human hair and can carry tens of thousands of telephone calls at any given time. That’s just ONE strand. An entire cable fiber cable can carry up to several MILLION calls simultaneously. 

So, fiber technology is important, but just how important? Very. In fact, altafiber invested nearly half a billion dollars in Fioptics over the past decade. We did this because our customers need it. What this provides is an unparalleled experience of speed and bandwidth for our customers. 
  • Stream HD video content from Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming video services with no delays or buffering.
  • Play online games in HD with high-quality video content and smooth connections.
  • Enjoy your favorite music, streamed from the cloud, with uninterrupted crystal clear sound quality. 
  • Support all devices in your home at the same time. Stream 10 HD movies, video chat with FaceTime, upload hundreds of photos, stream music from Pandora, and perform multi-player online gaming all at the same time.
Fiber technology
Unicity smart city technology


What is a Smart City?

Combining technology and community development expertise, UniCity works with governments of all sizes to problem solve through smart city solutions. Building on a foundation of connectivity through fiber and high-speed public Wi-Fi networks, UniCity works hand-in-hand with communities to custom build a suite of technology applications to impact business district vibrancy, neighborhood-based enhancements, public safety, and data-driven policy decision making.

Internet Speed

Excessive buffering? Slow downloads? 

With Fioptics, you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Get all the speed you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

With Fioptics, you can start enjoying speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This means you can stay connected!

  • Download and/or Stream HD video content instantly and seamlessly, with minimal or no buffering. Record, stream, and watch your favorite content anytime you want.
  • Support all of your devices and multiple users. Everyone can enjoy what they want, when they want!
  • Never worry about losing a memory. You can easily upload, download, copy and share photos to and from the cloud and do it all in seconds instead of minutes or hours.
  • Online shopping, reading digital magazines, watching sports, or searching for recipes – web browsing has never been easier, with instant page changes and no buffering. 
  • Dominate online gaming. Forget about lag and latency – 1 Gbps Internet allows you to play uninterrupted on a stable connection with no buffering.
  • Small businesses now have access to virtually unlimited bandwidth at an affordable rate, providing growth possibilities for entrepreneurs, startups, and accelerator communities. The fastest internet in town increases productivity with your cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps.
  • Maintain productivity working from home. Downloading large files for work? Whether large CAD designs or a 1,000 page legal document, 1 Gbps Internet saves you time and makes you more efficient.
  • The future awaits.  One day soon you may be able to experience virtual doctor visits, remote access to the classroom, and even live participation in civic events, right from your living room! All thanks to 1 Gbps speed.
A woman working on a tablet
A laptop and wireless mouse


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Get Connected, All Over Town, with Connect Cincinnati

Staying connected just got easier with Connect Cincinnati. 

Connect Cincinnati is an opportunity to promote your business to prospects in and around your business. Become a public free Wi-Fi hotspot and offer Fioptics Free Wi-Fi to your customers, and promote your events and offers in our mobile app.

Leverage our app to promote content to mobile users in and around your business, like:

  • Menus
  • Reservations
  • Reviews
  • Offers & deals 
Connect Cincinnati mobile app
Net neutrality at Cincinnati Bell

Net Neutrality

The FCC recently voted to repeal net neutrality rules. This decision is seen as a “win” for national Internet Service Providers that supply high-speed Internet, and that aggressively lobbied for the change – although many of these providers have so far declined to discuss what the FCC’s vote means for their customers in the long term.

altafiber believes that a net neutral approach is also the right thing to do for our customers. And that’s how we approach every decision we make.

altafiber wants you to be clear on our position:
  • We will not prioritize Internet content traffic. We have, and will continue, to keep treating all Internet traffic the same way.
  • We will not charge you a premium to access content that is freely accessible over the Internet. Our job is to maintain your connection. You decide how to leverage that connection.
In other words: The repeal of net neutrality rules will not impact altafiber customers. altafiber is building and maintaining a fiber network that is designed to meet the current and future bandwidth needs of our customers. There is no need for altafiber to prioritize or throttle Internet traffic.
altafiber believes high-speed Internet is a powerful asset that facilitates access to education, employment opportunities, and health services. High-speed Internet allows entrepreneurs to start and expand businesses. And, of course, high-speed Internet supports a multitude of entertainment choices.
Today, altafiber can deliver high-speed Internet to approximately 70 percent of Greater Cincinnati. That percentage will only grow as we continue our investment into building a deep fiber network across the region.
Our investment in fiber – which to date totals approximately $1 billion – allowed us to start offering Gigabit service to consumers in 2014. Continuing the fiber investment is the right thing to do for customers. Which makes it the right thing to do for our company.

Business Referral Program

Refer any new business to us by completing the form below.  You will receive an instant $50 bill credit when the referred business sets up a consultation with altafiber business specialist.  In addition, once the referred service is installed you will receive a $200 bill credit. Certain restrictions apply.  Ask for details.

Cincinnati Bell's business referal program

Customer Testimonials

Your business's success is our success! In the voice of the customer, check out our business customers' success stories.

Rob A. with City of Fairborn
Rob A.

The quality of their technology, their customer service, and their people are exceptional.  We value the relationship we have made with altafiber and look forward to our continued partnership.

Curiosity Advertising
Curiosity Advertising

Any day's agenda includes working with huge files, managing tight deadlines and virtual meetings. With altafiber, it’s never a concern. Business runs smoothly because they always deliver.

Mark C. with Ft. Thomas Matters, Living Magazines
Mark C.

altafiber made switching easy. Internet installation was quick, and my business is now running upload speeds faster than my Spectrum Internet provider, saving valuable time and money!

Roger C. with Axiom C2 Communications
Roger C.

Our phone service is great, with excellent voice quality and functionality. The installation went quite smoothly and we are all very pleased here with the new UC phone service from altafiber!

Brent B. with Credit Lynx
Brent B.

My business previously had Spectrum and it was unreliable, and we were always having speed issues. My business relies on the great service from altafiber, providing faster and reliable speeds.

Katie with Renaissance Covington
Katie M.

Working with altafiber on the Covington Public Wi-Fi project was an example of true partnership. They developed one of the most innovative systems for public Wi-Fi in the US.

Doug K. with Huffy
Doug K.

Huffy Corporation/United Wheels has worked with altafiber/CBTS as our primary communications provider for the past 3 + years and couldn’t be happier with the relationship.

Germaine P. with Ryder
Germaine P.

I wish all ISPs were as easy to work with, responsive to customer needs and provided quality service at reasonable rates like altafiber. Our services were installed quickly and as requested.

Cindy with Pacific Bliss Massage
Cindy H.

altafiber provides my business with incredibly reliable Internet Speed, Wi-Fi, and phone service keeping our guests and employees happy. We are so glad we made the switch!

Vinny P. with Firehouse Insurance
Vinny P.

altafiber has done a tremendous job providing great Internet service and the proper guidance and expertise to know that your business will be taken care. I highly recommend them to any business.

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