Tech support

Premium Technical Support

Your personal support expert. 24/7/365. Starting at just $14.99/mo for 12 months.  

  • Networking - Wireless, Routers, Hubs, Switches, Ports, Homegroup/Workgroup.
  • Hardware - Video Cards, Sound Cards, Memory, Hard Drives, CD/DVD Readers/Writers, Fax Machines (does NOT cover phone systems, credit card machines, processors or POS systems).

  • Software - Operating Systems, Antivirus/Firewalls, Business Applications.
  • Peripherals/Third-Party Devices - Printers, Scanners, TVs, Blu-ray & Streaming Players, Tablets, Mobile & Smart Devices.
  • Virus/Spyware Removal - ISP provided and Third Party.


Network Defense

Add Peace of mind with cloud security that prevents threats such as malware and phishing before it ever reaches your network. Included in Fioptics Advanced Bundle or starting at $9.99/mo.

  • Rest assured - your connected network is safe and protected
  • Protects against threats - Keeps any device from harmful sites, malicious email links, ransomware, malware, etc.
  • Automatically protected – nothing to download or install with everything working behind the scenes
  • Hassle free -  Do nothing and we will provide protection to all your IoT (Internet) devices

Network defense
Wirecare at Cincinnati Bell


Protect all your wiring jacks. Starting at just $8.95/mo per line. 

  • Covers inside wiring and jacks for phone, internet, and tv service beyond the demarcation point or gateway.
  • Repairs to phone, Internet, TV jacks and wiring that worked prior to the establishment of Wirecare service.

  • Repairs necessary to outside jacks and wires beyond the demarcation point; does not cover reburying wire.
  • Maintains all inside wire configurations previously installed by altafiber.
  • Waives truck roll fee, protecting you from expensive repair costs.

Battery Backup

Stay connected even in a power outage.

One-time charge starting at $99.99 for an 8-hour battery and $249.99 for a 24-hour battery.

  • Provides your business peace of mind even during a power outage.
  • Lasts between 8 or 24 hours (depending on the purchased battery).
  • Powers your voice and/or alarm system when the powers goes out.

Check out the Battery Backup FAQs for additional information. 
Battery Backup
Working on a static IP

Static IP

A Static IP address can be great for running a home office or hosting your own website. As a small business owner, it is important to stay in control with the reliability of a Static IP address.

With a static IP from altafiber, your IP address remains constant. This allows for many advantages when it comes to job functions such as VOIP or web hosting.

  • Increased speed and reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Email server hosting capabilities
  • Reduced downtime


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking 

Cloud delivered SD-WAN is a revolutionary, agile platform to deploy, manage and monitor hybrid public, private, wireline and wireless networks. We come alongside to architect the right migration strategy designed to your needs.

Visit our IT Services Divison for more information. 


Network as a Service

Your business can now experience a network that is fully managed by our certified engineers. Security, switching, Wi-Fi and SDWAN are included, designed to give your business and branch locations visibility and peace of mind over your network.  

Visit our IT Services Divison for more information. 

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