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To continue this city's trend of growth, development and innovation, altafiber has invested time, money and manpower to bring Gigabit internet speed and Wi-Fi infrastructure to our community. Connect Cincinnati is a mobile app that ties it all together, and connects consumers to blazing fast free Wi-Fi and exclusive mobile offers and deals from you - local business owners.


Connect more with Connect Cincinnati

Connect with your customers all over Cincinnati with the Connect Cincinnati mobile app. Advertise your latest deals, events, and exclusive content to engage and attract visitors.

Market your business to thousands of local prospects

Connect Cincinnati is an opportunity to promote your business to prospects in and around your business. Become a public free Wi-Fi hotspot and offer Fioptics Free Wi-Fi to your customers, and promote your events and offers in our mobile app.

Connect Cincinnati mobile app

Hyper-targeted content to mobile users

Leverage our app to promote content to mobile users in and around your business, like:
  • Menus
  • Reservations
  • Reviews
  • Offers & deals

Next-generation marketing capabilities

Take advantage of our existing base of tens of thousands of users, and innovative features including:

  • Push notifications
  • Geo-fencing
  • Location and time-based marketing
  • Mobile sweepstakes and contests