Protect Your Business with Secure Network

An enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution with fast and reliable Fiber Internet and exceptional Wi-Fi. Fill out the form to get in touch with our experts about Secure Network for your business or call us at 513-562-8801.

Cyberthreats can have significant financial consequences

data breach

The average cost of a data breach is $124,000 to $1.2 million for a small business.


71% of ransomware attacks target small businesses.

Common business devices can put your business at risk

where your business is vulnerable

Introducing Secure Network

An enterprise-grade network solution that shields your business from cyberthreats and delivers superior network performance, while providing exceptional Wi-Fi.

Proactive Security

Threat Detection and Protection

Secure Network monitors your network devices, identifying and neutralizing potential cyberthreats.

Auto Quarantine and Isolation

Compromised devices are auto quarantined and isolated to prevent the spread of cyberattacks.

Real-Time Alerts

Notified of detected infected devices, allowing you to take action.

Intelligent Network Defense

Secure Network ensures that security intelligence is always up-to-date, keeping your business protected.

Security for all Devices

Ensure a safeguarded network for wired and wireless devices.

Separate Wi-Fi Networks

Guests and employee Wi-Fi networks are separate to protect your data.

Enhanced Productivity

Symmetrical Internet Speeds

Our fastest Fioptics speeds are only available with Secure Network.

Superior Wi-Fi

Industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 technologies to ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

Network Firewall

Best-in-class firewall protecting against compromised devices and network slowdowns.

Prioritized Business Traffic

Business traffic always takes priority, no more network slowdowns caused by bandwidth-hogging activities.

Hands-Off Installation

Professional installation by our local altafiber technicians.

Continuous Updates

Always up-to-date security and network device monitoring.

altafiber Support

Local technical support for your Fioptics Internet and network.

Single Solution Provider

Fiber Internet, networking, security, Wi-Fi, and voice.