Fioptics TV Support

See below for support for most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If the issue is occurring on more than one television: Please make a note of any error messages you are receiving and contact Technical Support (513-566-1611).
  2. If the issue is only occurring on one television: Verify that all cables are tightly connected to the wall outlet, the television, and, if you have one, the set-top box. If this does not correct the problem, power down and disconnect all devices. Wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect and power back up. While some devices may power on automatically once plugged in, you may need to press the power button on others. If the problem persists, check if you experience the same issue when the television is in use with an alternate video source (DVD player, VCR, etc.). If so, the issue resides within your television, and you will need to contact the product's manufacturer for more information.
  3. If you only experience the issue with one TV and with our service, use the information below to correct the problem. :
    • Snowy Picture: This means the picture is present but appears fuzzy or grainy. If your television is connected to an outlet or set-top box with a coaxial cable, verify that the TV is on Channel 3 and the cables are tightly connected.
    • Blue Screen: If there is a VCR connected between the outlet and the TV, use the VCR remote to set the VCR to Channel 3 or 4. If this does not correct the problem, verify your TV is set to the correct input. Use the TV remote to cycle through all available inputs by pressing the "Input," "Source," or "Video" button.
    • Wavy, Horizontal, or Zigzag Lines: This problem is usually caused by loose or dirty connections. Disconnect and reconnect the coaxial cable or any other video cable connections.
    • Small Picture: If this problem only occurs on one channel, then the content is being broadcast in that format and cannot be changed. If it occurs on all channels, it may be a setting on the TV for aspect ratio. Consult your television's manual or its manufacturer.
    • Pixelated or Tiled Image: This problem can usually be fixed by tightening all cables or by briefly powering down and disconnecting all devices to rest, and then reconnecting and powering back up.x

If the problem persists, contact Technical Support at 513.566.1611.

NOTE: When you remove the power cable from the set-top box, guide data may be temporarily lost. It may take up to 30 minutes for the Program Guide to completely download the program listings. Disconnecting the power will not erase scheduled DVR recordings but will interrupt any recordings occurring at that time.

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote control to access the Quick Menu - if you are presented with the wrong menu, press the MENU button again until the Quick Menu appears.
  2. Use the ARROW buttons on your remote to navigate to the magnifying glass icon and press the OK button on your remote - you will be presented with a list of possible search fields.
  3. Use the ARROW buttons on your remote to navigate to the field of your choice and press the OK button on the remote.
  4. Use the ARROW buttons on your remote to navigate through the available letters, numbers, and symbols, and press the OK button on your remote to select them.
  5. When you have finished spelling part or all of your search term, use the ARROW buttons to navigate to Search Now, and press the OK button on your remote.

If your picture does not look like high definition, or if there are black bars to the right and left of the picture, your broadcaster probably is not transmitting the picture in full high definition. Refer to your Program Guide to see if ""HD"" is listed next to that program. If you would like to have your picture fill the entire screen, refer to your TV manual for full details.


First, verify that the channel is included in the Fioptics TV package that you have purchased. To make sure you should be receiving the channel, refer to the Channel Guide.

  • Disconnect the power cable on the set-top box, either from the wall outlet or from the back of the device.
  • Wait a full 30 seconds, and then reconnect the power cable.
  • The set-top box may now take up to 2 minutes to initialize, and you may need to press the POWER button to fully boot the box back up.
  • If the screen displays a message that the set-top box is not authorized for use, you may need to repeat the process
  • When the set-top box has fully loaded, try to access the channel again.
  • If you do not have a set-top box, you will need to run the auto-program feature on your television to locate the missing channel. On most TVs, this program is located under the Menu or Setup preferences. Auto-program will scan all available channels and program your television to receive them properly. If you are unable to locate auto-program, contact the television's manufacturer for further assistance.

If the channel is still missing from your display, contact Technical Support (513.566.1611) for further assistance.


Your standby timer defaults to automatically power off your set-top box after 4 hours of inactivity. You can adjust your standby timer setting to never power off or power off after 2, 4, or 8 hours. To adjust the standby timer, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Access the main menu by pressing the Menu button on your remote control.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu by press the left/right arrows on your remote control. Press OK.
  • Enter your settings password. If you have not changed your password, the default password is 1111.
  • Navigate to Preferences and press OK.
  • Navigate up to the “Standby Timeout” field, press OK.
  • Use arrows left/right to find the timeframe for which you want your set top box to automatically power down when not in use. Press OK.
  • Navigate down to the Apply button. Press OK. Your changes have now been updated for that box.

If you still have issues with Standby, contact Technical Support at 513.566.1611.