Need help understanding long distance fees and surcharges?

Please see below for a description of fees and surcharges.

Federal Universal Service Fund

The Federal Universal Service Fund ("FUSF") helps to provide affordable telecommunications services for low-income households and to build-out and maintain telecommunications and broadband networks in rural areas. It also provides discounts on telecommunication services and Internet access for eligible schools, libraries and rural health care providers. All telecommunications service providers are required by the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") to pay a percentage of their revenues from state-to-state and international services into the USF. The FCC sets this percentage on a quarterly basis. CBTS Technology Solutions("CBTS TS") recovers its USF assessment by charging customers a Federal USF charge equal to the percentage set by the FCC for applicable services. The charge may vary each month based on your state-to-state calling patterns and the rate set by the FCC for the federal USF.

Administrative Recovery Fee

The Admin Recovery Fee is included on long distance customers' bills to help defray some of the costs CBTS Technology Solutions ("CBTS TS") incurs to comply with federal, state and local telecommunications rules and regulations, some administrative costs associated with providing service, and some taxes and assessments imposed upon CBTS TS. It does not include costs related to the federal Universal Service fund. This fee may vary each month. Please note this charge is a cost recovery fee and not a tax we are required to collect.

Minimum Usage Requirement and Fee

Basic Plan Customers are subject to a $7.95 monthly minimum usage requirement. There will be NO additional charge if you make at least $7.95 a month in qualifying calls. If you do not meet the minimum usage of $7.95 in qualifying calls, you will be charged the difference between what you use and $7.95. Qualifying calls include inbound & outbound direct dialed domestic and international long distance. Taxes, Universal Service Fund charges, Administrative Recovery Fees, and KY Intraconnection Fees do not contribute toward your monthly minimum usage requirement. The Minimum Usage Fee will appear in the "Other Itemized Calls" portion of your CBTS Technology Solutions bill as "CBAD Basic Minimum," and helps CBTS Technology Solutions recover a portion of the costs associated with providing you long distance service, including, but not limited to, billing, systems, and network maintenance costs. This applies beginning with your first complete monthly bill.

Carrier Subscription Charge

Multi-line business customers will be billed a "Carrier Subscription Charge" of $1.50 per month per line. Centrex customers are billed $.17 per number per month. This charge is being assessed to offset some of our network facilities costs, including maintenance of those facilities and network access charges.

Single line business customers are billed $1.77 per month per line. This charge is being assessed to offset some of our network facilities costs, including maintenance of those facilities and network access charges.