How do I find the details on my bill? 

After you login to My altafiber, you can find a summary of your bill on the right side of the page. Click 'View Details' to view the details of this bill. You can also find this information by going through the My Bills section. To print copy of your bill with details, click the Print This Bill button located in the top right corner of the View My Bills section of the page.

How can I view past bills? 

When viewing your online bill details in the My Bills section of the site, it defaults to your most current bill. To select and view a past bill, simply pick a date from the drop down next to 'View Billing Statement as of:' and click 'GO'.

How can I view a print-ready bill? 

Under the My Bills tab in View Bill Details, click the 'Print This Bill' button located in the top right corner of the View My Bills section of the page. It will pop another window with a flat copy of the bill in printable format. Click your browser's print icon or "File" then "Print" to send your bill to your printer.

Are the My altafiber payment options secure? 

Yes!  All online altafiber transactions are safe and secure. My altafiber utilizes a secure login process that uses HTTPS and extended validation certificates to provide the strongest level of encryption and protection of your payment transactions and access to account information. For more information you can view our site information and certificate details in your browser.

Why isn't my recent payment reflected on my balance? 

Payments made online or via phone will not be immediately reflected on your balance. Once a payment has been submitted, please allow 2-3 business days for processing before your payment will be reflected on your account. You can confirm or verify that your payment has been submitted by going to the Payment History section of your online account located under My Bills. Payment History will show all payments made within the past 90 days either online or by phone.

What happens if I did not receive a payment confirmation? 

When you reach the end of the payment process, you will get a confirmation message confirming your actions. If you did not receive a confirmation message, you can verify that your payment has been submitted and obtain your payment reference number by going to the Payment History section of your online account located under My Bills. If your payment is not displayed in the Payment History section, your payment was not received. Please submit your payment again.

When will my online bill payment be posted? 

Payments generally take 2 to 3 business days to post to your account.

What is an Authorization Number and what should I do with it? 

An Authorization Number is a 6-character code automatically issued by your bank whenever they approve credit card transactions. We recommend that you keep this number as part of your permanent payment record, indicating that your credit card payment was successfully processed.

What happens if my credit card transaction has been declined? 

If your credit card had been declined, the payment cannot be applied to your account. We recommend that you contact your card-issuing bank immediately. Provide them with your account information, as well as any details associated with this transaction.

I want to pay by electronic check; how do I identify my Bank Routing Number? 

Also referred to as an ABA Number, a Bank Routing Number is the 9-digit code that identifies your bank or credit union. This number appears at the bottom of each check, generally to the left of your checking account number. This data is enclosed in "brackets" that resemble a smiley face.

What are the NSF and Electronic Signature Authorization Statement? 

Prior to processing an electronic check payment, altafiber asks that you read and agree to both an NSF fee statement and an Electronic Signature Authorization statement. The NSF fee statement outlines the fees that will be charged to your account should any electronic check payment be returned because of insufficient funds in your checking account. This fee will be added to your monthly account balance, and is in addition to any fees that may be charged to your account by your member bank or credit union.

The Electronic Signature Authorization statement permits altafiber to accept payment on your behalf via an electronic check, per your authorization to proceed without a paper signature.

altafiber's NSF Statement is as follows:

I hereby acknowledge that my altafiber Account will be assessed a $ 25.00 administrative fee by altafiber for any electronic check payments made for which funds are not available. I recognize that this fee will be separate and distinct from any fees charged by my member bank or credit union for said overdrafts.

altafiber's Electronic Signature Authorization is as follows:

I hereby authorize altafiber to process an electronic check payment on my behalf from the checking account identified in this transaction for the purpose of bill payment. I understand that the payment amount will be deducted from my checking account.