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Make Sure You're Getting the Speed You Pay For

Fioptics 400 Mbps Internet
$ 39 99
Per month for 12 months
Plus Equipment
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Fioptics 600 Mbps Internet
$ 49 99
Per month for 24 months
Plus Equipment
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Fioptics 800 1 Gig Internet
$ 69 99
Per month for 36 months
Plus Equipment
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Fioptics Care

Peace of mind with Fioptics Care

Fioptics Care provides you with peace of mind that your equipment will be taken care of with no surprise costs to you. Service calls can cost $99.99, but they're no cost to you with Fioptics Care.

$8 00per month

Upgrade to the fiber advantage.

For work-from-home, play-at-home and watch-from-anywhere, Fioptics gives you access to the region’s fastest Internet on the only residential fiber network around. And at a time when connection at home means so much, the fiber advantages are huge.

  • Stream HD video with no delays or buffering.
  • Play online games in HD with no lag and smooth connections.
  • Enjoy your favorite music with uninterrupted crystal-clear sound quality. 
  • Support all devices in your home at the same time—with speed to spare.

Fiber elevates everything

More Bandwidth

Your internet speeds depend on how much data the network can transfer. A fiber-optic cable has approximately 10,000* times more bandwidth than a traditional metal cable.

Faster Upload/Download Speeds

Fiber cables are capable of carrying exponentially more bandwidth than traditional metallic cables, which enables faster upload/download speeds. altafiber currently offers download speeds up to 2 Gig, and upload speeds up to 1 Gig.


99.99% Reliability

Fiber-optic cables transmit data via pulses of light along glass or plastic fibers. This method is more efficient over long distances and less susceptible to interference from electromagnetic signals than copper wiring.