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Born from a long, rich and proven history of serving our communities through technological innovation and transformation, we are now taking our impact to another level – to be even more for the people we care so much about.

It all starts in the name. “alta” is rooted in a word meaning “elevated.” So, we’re raising the standard across the board with a redefined approach towards customer experience and increased commitment to community, all led by future-proof fiber and Cloud services that provide an elevated connection. This means a better, faster and greener Internet everywhere – from homes to city squares to airport terminals – delivered by a company with a heightened purpose for good.

altafiber's mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience and a best-of-breed fiber network that is critical to our communities.

Our Brand Promise:

We are so committed to serving our customers and communities that we introduced our brand promise.

Elevate Understanding of our Customers

Commitment to enhancing our flexibility and simplicity to meet our customers' needs, when and how they want to connect.

Elevate our Products and Customer Experience

Raising the standard with a commitment to provide better products, flexible plans and dependable customer experiences.

Elevate our Commitment to Community, Sustainability

Future-proof connectivity and corporate leadership in environmental sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social impact causes.

altafiber Values

do the right thing

Do The Right Thing:

Focus on what is right long-term for the customer, company and community.

respect our differences

Respect Our Differences:

Value diversity in opinion and life experiences. Treat people as you would want to be treated.

invest in the future

Invest in the Future:

Invest in our technology, invest in our employees, invest in the communities we serve.

value team over self

Value Team Over Self:

Focus on the mission and team. If the company is successful, you will be successful.

embrace transparency

Embrace Transparency:

Cultivate a culture of trust and respect. Let’s confront issues directly and solve them together.

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