Develop a purpose-driven organization 

It’s a pillar of our corporate strategies and a passion of our employees to create a better world for everyone. We act with humility, lead with integrity, and value inclusion to develop a purpose-driven organization. We are committed to building a more prosperous and sustainable future – for our customers, for our communities, and for the world around us.

From community engagement programs, to corporate sponsorships, to sustainability initiatives, we continue to make an impact in the communities where we work and live.


Commitment to Digital Equity

altafiber is committed to closing the digital gap so that all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, economy, and democracy.

Digital Equity at Cincinnati Bell
Diversity and Inclusion at Cincinnati Bell

Diversity & Inclusion

At altafiber we believe in the transformative power of connectivity, and we believe connections are made stronger when we embrace the diversity in our employees, customers, and shareholders. 

Volunteer Programs

Our communities mean everything to us, which is why we encourage our employees to give back to those in need.  We champion the mantra “give where you live”, and we’re proud to give over 10,000 hours of service to the neighborhoods where we live, work, and do business.

Volunteer Programs at Cincinnati Bell
Community Partnerships at Cincinnati Bell

Community Partnerships

Each year, altafiber and its family of companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars back into communities where we live and work. Our investments concentrate in strategic areas of economic mobility, social mobility, technology, and well-being.

Environmental Sustainability

At altafiber, our vision is to connect people, free from waste or pollution, enhancing environmental quality and health in our communities. We commit to continuous improvement of our environmental policies and practices, and there are countless examples of our work to back it up.

Corporate Environmental Policy at Cincinnati Bell
Commitment to education

Elevating Education

We're dedicated to elevating education and enabling digital equity by providing students access to high speed Internet connectivity and resources they may not have access to otherwise. Giving back to the communities we serve and helping them stay connected and grow - it's in our fiber.