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altafiber is Committed to Dayton

altafiber is focused on keeping our customers connected by building our fiber network throughout the Dayton community. See what we've been up to in Dayton.

Why does upload speed matter?

If you work from home, livestream on social media, or game a lot, then you should find upload speeds important. And the more people you have in your home doing these types of things, the more important it becomes.

Why Fiber?

The demand for data and bandwidth continues to accelerate. As traditional cable and metallic networks reach the limits of their capabilities, more Internet providers are moving to upgrade their equipment to meet demands for faster speeds.

altafiber has invested over $1 Billion to make the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton regions one of the most fiber-dense regions in the nation, and we're continuing to invest to bring more fiber to more people.


Military Discount

Thank you for your service.

altafiber offers a monthly discount for those working at Wright Patt or any other veterans in the community, just visit our Dayton retail location for more details.

Call your local retail store for more details at 937-610-2582

wright patt air force base

What are symmetrical speeds?

altafiber is providing symmetrical speeds to Dayton for a premium internet experience.

A typical internet offer displays the download speed, without the upload speed because it is usually lower than the download speed. With symmetrical speeds at altafiber, you can know your internet is able to perform at it's best ability for both upload and download speed. Most internet surfing is using your download speed, but upload speed is anything you are trying to send to the internet from your computer. This includes Video Conferencing, VOIP Calling, Online Gaming, and much more.

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