Services for Visually Impaired Customers

Audible Accessible Set-Top Boxes

Visually impaired persons using our Fioptics TV service and need audible accessible equipment can request our audible accessibile set-top boxes. These boxes will have the ability to provide speech to help guide your way through the menus.

For more information, contact an altafiber representative at our Accessibility Department:

Audible Accessibility Materials

Click Here for Fioptics Amino and Orbit Welcome Guide 

Click Here for Audible Accessible User Guide 

Click Here for Large Button User Guide 

Click Here for Channel Guide

TiVo Customer Support

Weekdays - 7am to 6pm PT

Weedends - 8am - 5pm PT

Call: 855-548-4154

TiVo's User Guide and other information

Click here for Accessibility information 

Click here for Accessibility Screen Reader 

Click here for TiVo set-top box information


Audible Accessible Compliance Issues:

Ted Heckmann
Senior Director – Regulatory and Government Affairs
221 E. 4th Street
Cincinnati OH 45202