Third Party Data Sharing

Does altafiber share my data with third parties including advertisers and marketing companies?

altafiber does not currently share customer data with third parties not involved with the support and delivery of altafiber products and services. However, if you wish to opt out of any future sharing of your data (Name and Address) you can follow the steps below to opt out.

Fioptics+ Customers:

What information is shared with third parties to support my Fioptics+ video services?

altafiber shares anonymized user data with our partner TiVo to help support enhanced personalization, product development and feature enhancement. Further, altafiber also shares Fioptics+ customers Name and Address with Experian (a TiVo Partner) to gather demographics data. At no point does TiVo receive identifiable user information from altafiber or Experian.

If you would like to Opt Out of this anonymized user data and personal user information (Name and Address) sharing, please follow the steps below.

Opting out will not affect feature functionality on Fioptics+ service.


For both FAQs

To opt out of Third Party Data sharing you can call us at 513-565-9890 or follow the steps below:

  1. First log into your My altafiber account using your My altafiber account credentials. If you have not yet set up your credentials you can do so now at
  2. Next, highlight the Account tab and click on ‘Account Contact Information’:

    How to opt out of Third Party Data Sharing - Account Contact Information page
  3. Next, go to the ‘Account Settings’ tab. At the bottom of the section, you will see an option to Opt Out of Third Party Data sharing. Toggle the option to ‘OFF’ to opt out. Opting out will remove you from all third party data sharing, including sharing with marketers, advertisers or third party vendors used to enhance personalization of altafiber products and services. You can opt back in any time you would like by toggling the option to ‘ON’.

    How to opt out of Third Party Data Sharing - Account Settings tab