Request a Donation

What types of contributions are available from altafiber?

  • Donations - cash or in kind contributions
  • In-kind Donations - donations other than cash contributions
  • Sponsorship - opportunities that will result in long term working relationships to maximize return on investment

What types of groups or organizations can apply for donations?

  • Local Non-Profit organizations that demonstrate they:
    • Provide community support and involvement which support economically and socially challenged individuals
    • Provide programs which enhance the workplace, supports teamwork and educates young adults so they can become self-sufficient citizens and future customers
    • Will enable altafiber to maximize its return on investment through its involvement with their Community events
  • Community events that will enable altafiber to maximize its return on investment

The following are not eligible for support:

  • Projects that do not compliment altafiber's values
  • Individuals
  • Projects outside the altafiber area

How do I apply?

Any organization requesting sponsorship must answer the following questions before being considered for any kind of donations or contribution. However, answering all questions does not guarantee acceptance of the request. Requests must be submitted 90 days prior to the event.

All applications must be submitted by filling out the donation request form.