ARROW empowers women to be more confident leaders through community and capacity building. Consequently, ARROW promotes increased representation and visibility of women. Workshops and activities are designed to engage participants in meaningful discussions through the lens of being a woman in a professional setting.

Celebrating Women in Business

ARROW celebrated Women’s History Month in 2022 by speaking to our employees about why it’s important that all voices are heard in the workplace. Our employees also gave advice for women entering the business world.

Key Programs

ARROW Group Volunteering 2022


Members of ARROW have reached out to support several organizations that specifically help women within our communities. Our group focuses on causes that help women and families as they strive to step out of poverty and navigate work and community. Some of the organizations that ARROW has helped:

  • Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank
  • Dress for Success
  • Bethany House

Professional Development

We have helped connect our members and employees with professional development resources from respected facilitators, executive coaches, and university professors. Topics have included: personal branding, access to women's business conferences, becoming fearless leaders, and many others.

RISE Conference



An important part of ARROW is creating a sense of community among our members. Women and our male allies are encouraged to participate in activities that foster support among members and fun. Happy hours, trivia games, and bake sales are all examples of how ARROW maintains the connections between members.

Rise Events

ARROW’s signature event is “Rise” which has varied from a two-day conference in 2019 to an outdoor retreat at Camp Joy in 2022. Past Rise events have focused on professional development, mindfulness, teamwork, and more. Our recent Rise Retreat even included working together to get a group of ARROW members over a 12-foot wall!

RISE Camp Joy Retreat

Event Gallery

Moments from ARROW events