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BEAD’s Mission is to recognize the talents and develop the potential of altafiber's employees with disabilities through creating connection, a strong community, and a powerful voice.

Key Programs

October Empowerment Expo

October Empowerment Expo: Opening the Dialogue

Featuring a week of events focused on Empowering our employees with disabilities as well as allies to begin having a dialogue around visible and invisible physical and mental challenges many live with. As BEAD continues to work to support the company mission of creating an inclusive and diverse culture, this expo is focused on educating our employee base in ways to listen to, understand, and support their colleagues living with or supporting those living with these challenges.

Celebrating National Mental Health Awareness Month

BEAD will focus on celebrating this important month and continue their work to #endthestigma by inviting in speakers to continue to drive awareness and understanding of mental health challenges. We will also participate in the annual Cincinnati NAMI walk to show our support and raise community awareness.

Bead Event



Volunteering to support local organizations who work with young adults with mental and physical challenges as they navigate independent living and the beginning of their career is another great way BEAD supports our community.

Recruiting Efforts

Partnering with altafiber’s compassionate recruiting team, BEAD members attend career fairs at specific disability support career centers and universities known for supporting students with disabilities around the community.

Bead Recruiting Event