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The mission of The Go Green Initiative is to connect those who have a passion for environmental issues and who want to share various sustainability practices with others in the workplace and the community. We're committed to not only giving back to the community through various sustainability practices, but providing on-going education and support where environmental issues are concerned, creating a better environment for future generations.

Corporate Sustainability

altafiber’s vision is to connect people, free from waste or pollution, enhancing environmental quality and health in our communities. Watch the video to the left or visit our blog below to learn more from our Director of Sustainability and GGI member, Nadja Turek.

GGI's Sustainability Efforts

  • Member of Cincinnati 2030 District
  • Coffee Grounds Compost Program
  • Tree and Seedling Giveaway
  • Ohio River Sweep
  • Recycling Awareness and E-Waste Retail Events
  • Community Volunteering
Members of GGI Landscaping

Electronic Recycling

How to Be More Eco-Friendly with Your Electronics

There are plenty of places to recycle or dispose of old electronics, and plenty of eco-friendly smart devices to invest in instead. Read our list below!