Pride Logo

Our vision is to provide a welcoming environment that fosters communication, community, and skill development among altafiber's LGBT+ and Ally community. We will be a resource for all employees and act as a liaison between the company and the communities we serve.

Key Programs & Pillars

Pride Parade

Pride Month & Community Celebration

Each June, we spend the entire month celebrating our LGBTQ employees and their allies. At the various events listed below, we weave dignity, respect, and equality in our workplace culture and community. We also work with other minorities that do not have an equal voice for social justice and equity. 

  • Cincinnati, Dayton, and NKY Pride Parades
  • Flag Raising at City Hall
  • Pride festivals and movie nights across the region


Through internal education programs, the Pride ERG aims to impact the inclusion and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community thereby improving the climate for LGBTQ+ employees.

Celebrating Pride

Pride Event


Creating public, bold, and visible demonstrations of support for the LGBTQ+ community sends a message about the importance of an inclusive workplace to the public and for all employees.

Lighthouse Partnership

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services is an amazing organization that created the Safe and Supported program to address the disproportionate homeless population among the LGBTQ youth. It’s a result of Hamilton County being chosen as one of two communities in the nation to lead the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s first-of-its-kind LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Prevention Initiative. Each year we support their initiatives by donating personal care items, organizing fundraising events, and more.

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services Event