altafiber closes acquisition of Agile Networks

May 2, 2022

– altafiber announced today that it has closed on its acquisition of Agile Network Builders, LLC (“Agile”), the Canton, Ohio-based company that leases wireless infrastructure assets to third parties and provides connectivity through hybrid fiber wireless data networks in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Agile, formerly a subsidiary of American Tower Corporation, designs, builds, and manages wireless infrastructure assets and data networks. It utilizes data centers, communication towers, fiber, and wireless technology to deliver middle mile, last mile, and campus connectivity for public safety entities, cellular carriers, and rural Internet Service Providers.

altafiber has a long history and progressive experience in providing and managing large and complex wireline and wireless solutions. The company is the leading supplier of fiber-based services in Greater Cincinnati and provides backhaul services to the majority of the cellular macro towers in the region.

The combined experience and expertise of altafiber and Agile will dramatically increase capabilities for territories served and will lead to new opportunities to increase digital equity in the companies’ footprints through hybrid network technologies.

“The need for quality connectivity is greater than ever,” said Leigh Fox, President and CEO of altafiber. “Our partnership with Agile means more individuals, families, companies, and communities will have access to education, healthcare, employment, and economic development opportunities.”

“Agile has a long history of leveraging partnerships and network design expertise to bring value to our customers,” said Kyle Quillen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agile. “With so many synergies, joining the altafiber family will only strengthen our existing relationships and pave the way for an exciting future.”

About altafiber

Cincinnati Bell is now doing business as “altafiber” in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The Company delivers integrated communications solutions to residential and business customers over its fiber-optic network including high-speed internet, video, voice and data. The Company also provides service in Hawai’i under the brand Hawaiian Telcom. In addition, the Company’s enterprise customers across the United States and Canada rely on CBTS and OnX, wholly-owned subsidiaries, for efficient, scalable office communications systems and end-to-end IT solutions. For more information, please visit The information on the Company’s website is not incorporated by reference in this press release.