City of Lawrenceburg announces altafiber will acquire, manage city’s broadband infrastructure

December 22, 2022

 – The City of Lawrenceburg and altafiber have announced an agreement in which the Cincinnati-based technology company will acquire Lawrenceburg Broadband Communications’ broadband infrastructure, which provides high-speed Internet connectivity to residential, commercial, and municipal customers. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023.
Under terms of the agreement, altafiber will assume responsibility for Lawrenceburg Broadband Communications’ fiber network, which offers gigabit Internet connectivity to approximately 3,000 addresses, as well as the existing residential and business customer base. In addition to delivering broadband Internet, altafiber will expand the network’s offerings to include video and voice service over the next year.  
altafiber’s Smart City organization, branded as UniCity, will also provide free public Wi-Fi in strategic areas of the city. altafiber’s Wi-Fi network and analytics software will help the City of Lawrenceburg to connect with, engage, and inform visitors and residents; drive more activity and visits; and provide local businesses with valuable insights to help them better serve customers.
The City of Lawrenceburg established Lawrenceburg Broadband Communications to provide affordable and reliable broadband Internet connectivity to residential, business, and municipal customers. Lawrenceburg Broadband Communications’ fiber network delivers gigabit Internet connectivity that is essential for individuals and families to access education, employment, and healthcare opportunities. Gigabit Internet is also an important economic development tool for business retention and expansion.
City of Lawrenceburg officials said altafiber is the right partner to own and manage the fiber network going forward, and maximize its potential through additional integrated services.
“The investments we’ve made in fiber put Lawrenceburg on the cutting edge with respect to high-speed broadband connectivity. The City of Lawrenceburg has been committed to ensuring local fiber Internet service was available to serve our community. The time has come to take our local fiber Internet technology to the next level with additional services and the most up to date technology at affordable rates,” said Mayor Kelly Mollaun. “We are excited to partner with altafiber and believe that altafiber’s world-class industry experience and commitment to customers makes it the right partner for our city residents, visitors, and businesses. Customers will now be able to realize the full value of a fiber-optic network that includes high-speed Internet, video, voice and data opportunities.” 
The mission of altafiber is to provide individuals and businesses with the fastest, most reliable, future-proof fiber network that delivers gigabit Internet speeds. altafiber has invested more than $1.5 billion into building fiber throughout its operating territories since 2010. The company has a history of innovation, and in 2020 became one of the first Internet Service Providers nationwide to offer a 2 gigabit solution. altafiber’s Network Division employs more than 1,500 talented individuals in Greater Cincinnati.
The agreement with the City of Lawrenceburg expands altafiber’s presence in Southeast Indiana. altafiber is currently building fiber to every address in the City of Greendale. The project, which altafiber expects to complete in 2023, includes public Wi-Fi in designated parts of that city.  
“We look forward to delivering an outstanding customer experience to residents and businesses in the City of Lawrenceburg,” said Jason Praeter, President and General Manager of altafiber’s Network Division. “We also are excited to partner with the City to provide value-added services, including public Wi-Fi, that will ultimately enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.”
Existing Lawrenceburg Broadband Communications customers may find additional information about this announcement and what it means for them at
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