Cincinnati Bell is now altafiber

One hundred fifty years ago, Cincinnati Bell set out to connect and serve its community. Since then, we’ve continually been at the forefront of innovation. Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with the fastest, most reliable, future-proof fiber network that delivers against Internet speeds, while maintaining our commitment to the communities we serve.

Why Fiber?

Fiber is the Future

Fiber by altafiber

Fiber brought to you by altafiber

The demand for data and bandwidth continues to accelerate. As traditional cable and metallic networks reach the limits of their capabilities, more Internet providers are moving to upgrade their equipment to meet demands for faster speeds.

altafiber has invested over $1 Billion to make Greater Cincinnati one of the most fiber-dense regions in the nation, and we're continuing to invest to bring more fiber to more people.

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55 North: Small Business Big Impact Award Winner

55 North is a nonprofit organization giving back to our community by providing transportation, nutrition, social support, and health and wellness activities for older adults.

Brand Story:

We are excited to announce that we will begin doing business as altafiber. As we determine what tomorrow holds, one thing is for certain: fiber is the future.

altafiber Legacy Stories:
The Nightcrawlers

Hear how the "Nightcrawlers" met while in the U.S. Airforce, and found opportunities at altafiber while continuing their strong relationships for over 15 years.

Thank You
for 150 Years

For nearly 150 years, we've been proud to connect communities, invest in our region and innovate with fiber technology to reimagine what's possible for our home.

The Fioptics+

Learn about the features of Fioptics+, including the advanced voice remote, all of your streaming services in one spot, cloud DVR, catchup & restart, and many more.

Fiber Internet by altafiber

Fiber vs. Cable Networks

Learn about the differences between the different network types, and what that means for you. A fiber Internet connection allows for faster upload and download speeds, more bandwidth, and a more reliable connection

  • Faster download speeds and upload speeds: get information to and from the Internet more quickly, with less buffering.
  • More bandwidth: fiber optic cables are able to carry exponentially more bandwidth than traditional metallic lines.
  • More reliable connection: fiber is built with thin strands of glass, are able to carry information longer distances and are immune to interference from other signals.

Out of this world TV experience

Our new Fioptics+ platform powered by TiVo, puts you in control of your TV experience with advanced voice search, intuitive TV recommendations based on your viewing habits, and access to popular streaming services like Netflix & Disney+. Access everything in an integrated and cross-platform experience.

Fioptics+ TV
Commitment to education

Elevating Education

We're dedicated to elevating education and enabling digital equity by providing students access to high speed Internet connectivity and resources they may not have access to otherwise. Giving back to the communities we serve and helping them stay connected and grow - it's in our fiber.


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