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How do I report spam and other email abuse?

What is Spam?

Spam is known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email, is a subset of spam involving nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by email. The messages may contain disguised links that appear to be for familiar websites but in fact lead to Phishing web sites or sites that are hosting malware. Spam email may also include malware as scripts or other executable file attachments.

Spam can be reduced by a few simple steps:

  • Do not give your email address to any site that you do not recognize as a reputable site.
  • Use Anti-Virus software to keep your computer from being used to send email without your knowledge. Learn more about altafiber's Internet Security.
  • Read all forms and software agreements prior to agreeing to them.
  • Do not enter your email address in an online forum in an easily recognizable format (ie. Try to avoid entering your address as much as possible, when necessary enter your address in an unusual format such as ""I am bob on"".
  • Do not reply to links to unsubscribe. This confirms your email address and may result in more spam.

To report spam from your ZoomTown, Fuse, or Fioptics webmail account:

  • Log onto altafiber WebMail, at
  • Open spam email message
  • Click on the check boxes next to the emails that you consider to be spam
  • Click on the Report spam button

To report spam from an email client, such as Outlook Express:

  • Compose an email to
  • Report any spam in your mailbox by copying the header information from the spam email into the body of the email and send it to (to obtain the email headers, consult the help file of your email program)

Upon receipt the information in the email will be reviewed for inclusion in our spam filters. Please note: this does not mean we will always be able to update the filters on a single report. Due to the methods used by spammers, several examples may be required.