What is buried wire/bore and when is it needed?

At some addresses in the altafiber service area, wires are not completely connected from altafiber’s network to the customer's home. Depending on the layout of the home (sidewalk, street, driveway, etc…), occasionally a wire needs to be ran in order to make that connection so altafiber can provide service to the home.

This can be done three different ways, depending on circumstances: 

1. Bore - This is required when a structure or barrier is in the way of the connection (sidewalk, street, driveway, etc…). A bore must be pre-buried before service can be activated at the customer's home. 

What does it mean? 

The wire connecting the altafiber terminal to the customer's home must cross some type of hard surface (sidewalk, street, or street) prior to the altafiber installation. The wire is typically buried two feet below the hard surface. A permit to bury may be needed.   

A bore installation will be automatically scheduled 15 business days out. Please note, a customer does not have to do anything to schedule this bore installation appointment, it is automatic. Additionally, a customer does not need to be present at this appointment.

How does it work? 

A visit will be scheduled for the Buried Wire Technicians (altafiber authorized contractor) to bury the line under the hard surface. At that time, the technician will also bury the fiber line underground. This appointment will be automically scheduled 15 business days out and the customer does not need to be present. 

2. Temporary Wire - This is required when the wire can be connected without crossing a barrier (typically in grassy or dirt/land area). A wire is placed by the altafiber Field Technician and later buried by our Buried Wire group (altafiber authorized contractor). 


What does it mean? 

A temporary wire can be placed from the home to the altafiber terminal without crossing any hard surfaces (i.e. driveway, sidewalk, street) at the time of installation. This is done without a delay to our install time frame. 

How does it work? 

At the time of the installation, the Field Technician will lay a temporary line to the terminal and complete the standard installation of services. There will be a follow-up visit from the Buried Wire group (altafiber authorized contractor) to bury the fiber line. The customer is not required to be home for this visit, as all the work done will be outside the home. 

3. Temporary Wire & Bore - This is required when a structure or barrier is in the way of the connection (sidewalk, street, driveway, etc.). A bore must be completed, however, an altafiber Field Technician will have to lay a temporary wire prior to the bore being completed. The Buried Wire group (altafiber authorized contractor) will return at a later date to complete the work. 

We understand that this process may cause some concern. Please note, no action is needed on your part. Our altafiber Field Technicians and vendors will complete the project for you. If you have any additional questions regarding a buried wire, please contact us at 513-565-9890. 

Note: Weather can delay the timelines mentioned above.