Symmetrical Internet

One of the many benefits of having a fiber connection is the availability of symmetrical upload and download internet speeds. Learn more about symmetrical internet and how it can improve your connected experience.

What is Symmetrical Internet?

Symmetrical internet is an internet connection that offers identical upload and download speed, providing superior connectivity and maximizing the capabilities of your devices. Opposite of that is asymmetrical internet, a more traditional connection where the upload speeds and download speeds are vastly different.

Asymmetrical Internet vs Symmetrical Internet

Symmetrical Internet Features

Fioptics Internet with symmetrical speeds allows you to:

  • Seamlessly video chat without awkward frozen screens and broken audio
  • Post longer videos to multiple social media platforms
  • Enjoy no-lag gaming with multiple players
  • Upload large files to online servers
  • And so much more!

benefits of symmetrical internet

Upload Speed vs Download Speed

upload speed

Your Internet's upload speed is the maximum speed that your internet connection allows data to be sent from your connected devices to the internet. This max upload speed is crucial for platforms like Twitch, TikTok, FaceTime and Zoom.

download speed

Your Internet's download speed is the maximum speed at which your internet connection is able to pull data from the internet to your devices. Strong download speeds are necessary for using things like Netflix, Spotify, Xbox and YouTube.

Why Are Upload and Download Speeds Important?

Upload and download speeds affect more than you may know. Watch our video to find out what your internet can do for you when you maximize your upload and download speeds.

Ready for Your Speed to Be Symmetrical?

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