altafiber's fiber internet has 99.99% network reliability

99.99% Network Reliability

altafiber's fiber internet reliability is defined as the internet is working and available at a residential address. This percentage is calculated based on the entire network of residential internet subscribers for a given month that altafiber serves.

The following items are not factored into altafiber’s internet reliability claim:

Damage caused by storms, floods, fire, etc. to altafiber fiber infrastructure that causes an outage for residential internet subscribers.

Damage caused to the fiber infrastructure outside of altafiber's control such as fiber cuts, vandalisms, commercial power outages, etc.

Any kind of upgrades, migrations, etc. on the network, where the event is planned. Majority of these events will take place during the maintenance window of 12 AM (midnight) - 6 AM to mitigate any kind of disruption of service.