altafiber's environmental vision is to connect people, free from waste or pollution, enhancing environmental quality and health in our communities.”

This statement combines our environmental ethic with our long-held commitment to being great neighbors and community members. Our commitment to environmental leadership is another way we prioritize health, safety, and wellness for our employees, customers, neighbors, and the ecosystems with whom we are interdependent.

In our environmental policy, we commit to continuous improvement of our environmental policies and practices, and to fully to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. But that is only a foundation. To proactively prevent pollution and protect the environment, we will:

  • Take urgent, meaningful, science-based climate actions, reducing first our own greenhouse gas emissions and those emitted by others on our behalf.
  • Favor sustainable procurement, with the aim of using environmentally responsible products in balance with quality, availability, and economics.
  • Eliminate waste associated with business activities, materials, and equipment, and seek reuse, refurbishment, resale, or recycling before disposal, whenever possible.
  • Stay abreast of new technologies and innovation to assist with environmental protection and adopt new technologies and practices where effective and feasible.

Environmental Sustainability & Governance Report

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Material Cycles


We partner with Green Planet 21 to reclaim cabling from our network and return the materials in the cable–strategic materials for the tech industry–to the economy via recycling. Since 2012 our Green Planet 21 partnership has reclaimed over 13 million pounds of cabling.


Refurbishing and/or Reselling Equipment

When a customer returns on-premises network equipment to use, we first attempt to refurbish and/or resell equipment to extend its functional life.

Recycling Electronics and Customer Equipment

100% of our end-of-life electronics and customer on-premises equipment goes to a Responsible Recycling (R2) certified recycling partner.

E-Waste Collection

Twice a year, we host e-waste collection events for the communities we serve.

Environmental News

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Climate Action

In 2021 we made a long-term commitment to be net-zero carbon emitters by 2040. In 2022 we announced our interim goal of reducing our carbon emissions 40% from our 2021 baseline by 2030. Our targets align with those recommended by the Science Based Targets Initiative’s (SBTi) guidance for Information and Communications Technology companies like us, and contribute to the global effort to limit warming to 1.5-degrees Celsius.


Facilities & Network

We pride ourselves on recognizing the value of green buildings for the environment, health, and productivity of our employees, customers, and visitors. altafiber has:

  • joined the Cincinnati 2030 District in 2019, enrolling our corporate headquarters office in the District
  • Achieved LEED certification of our Dayton office (pending)
  • Located our altafiber corporate headquarters in a LEED for Existing Building certified building, Atrium 2
  • Pursued LEED for Commercial Interior certification for our corporate headquarters space within Atrium 2
  • Committed to green building practices for our significant real estate projects


Community Partnerships