How to access Fioptics+ Video on Demand?

Your TiVo device has access to thousands of the latest hit shows and movies — most of them  free! 

Whenever you search for a show, available Fioptics+ On Demand shows are included in the results. Its just that easy to find the shows you want. But if you'd rather browse the available On Demand offerings, just choose On Demand from the Home screen. 

To select an on demand video: 

1. On the main Fioptics+ On Demand page, you’ll see a list of categories (like New, Drama, or Comedy) to choose from. Highlight the category you wish to browse and press OK/ SELECT. 

2. If you are offered sub-categories, choose a sub-category and press OK/SELECT. 

3. A list of available videos is displayed. You’ll see the videos price, and when you highlight  the video, you’ll see a brief description in the right column. 

4. Once you've located a video you want, highlight it and press OK/SELECT. This will bring  you to a screen that gives you more details on the video and, in many cases, allows you to watch a free preview. 

5. If the video is free, the information screen will have an option to play it. Select Play to start the video. 

If the video must be rented to view it, the information screen will have an option to rent & watch now (the price will be listed). Select Rent & watch now to order the video.