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Features & Apps

Stopping the video. Once you've started watching your video, you can stop it at any time by  pressing BACK. Partially watched videos are stored in the My Rentals folder. See Watching a  saved video for information on watching a video saved in the My Rentals folder. 

Pausing: Press the PAUSE/PLAY button. To resume playing, press PAUSE/PLAY again. 

Rewinding: Press the REWIND button. When you are ready to watch, press PAUSE/PLAY. 

Fast Forwarding: Press the FAST FORWARD button. When you are ready to watch, press PLAY. 

Note: Some videos from Fioptics+ On Demand may not allow you to fast forward. 

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Using the Fioptics+ App on Fire TV Devices
How do I log into the app on my streaming device?

Click to view the Fioptics+ Fioptics App Guide to see how to log into the app on your streaming device. 

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I missed the beginning of my favorite live show. What should I do?
How do I watch a video I saved in VOD?

The on-screen guide displays up to two weeks of TV programming. To reach the guide, go to
the Home screen and choose Guide.
Icons in the guide help you navigate to the shows you want. When you highlight a cell in the
Guide, shows that are currently recording have a red circle icon next to the title, while shows
that are scheduled to record are marked with a check mark (for individual shows) or double
check mark (for OnePass recordings).
You can choose to view all channels in your lineup or favorite channels only. To add a channel
to your favorites, highlight a channel name/number (not a show) and press OK/SELECT.
Choose Add to Favorite Channels. From the same window, choose a channel list:
All: Displays all channels in your lineup.
Favorites: Displays your favorite channels only. Choose your favorite channels by going to
the Guide and selecting a channel name/number (not a show).
To move around in the Guide:
• Press RIGHT and LEFT to move to the next or previous show.
• Press OK/SELECT on a show in progress, and the channel changes to that show.
• Press OK/SELECT on an upcoming show, and you’ll see recording, OnePass, and
bookmarking options. Choose an option or press Back to go back to the Guide. Note that
some channels and individual shows may not be available to record.
• Press OK/SELECT on a past show or a show in progress with a Restart & Catch Up icon, and you’ll see Restart and Catch Up options


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Pay Per View
How do I watch a video I saved in VOD?

Search by show title, episode title, show description, or person name (actor, director, etc.). The
TiVo service searches upcoming TV shows and movies, streaming videos (from sources like
Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and more), and On Demand all at the same time. You can even
search for a particular channel by its network name or call sign (e.g., NBC or ESPN).

How can I search by using the on screen search?
1. From the Home screen, select Search.
2. Use the letter grid to spell out the title, person, or word you’re looking for. Press the arrow
buttons to move around, then OK/SELECT on each letter you want. As you select letters, a
list of possible matches sorted by popularity appears on the right. For example, if you enter
the letters HOW, you might see matches for the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” the On
Demand movie “How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days,” and the director Ron Howard. Results
are sorted by popularity, with better matches higher in the list.
3. Keep selecting letters until you see what you’re searching for. If you make a mistake, you
can press REWIND to erase one letter at a time. Insert a space by pressing FAST
4. Use the RIGHT arrow to highlight the show or person name.
5. Press OK/SELECT to view details, set up a recording or OnePass, or bookmark the show.

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Use the Google Assistant button on your remote to search live TV, jump to a show, open an  app, or get recommendations to match your mood. 

1. While viewing any TiVo menu or watching TV, press and release the Google Assistant 

button on the remote. 

2. Speak naturally into the remote. Say a title, actor, or keyword. 

3. Try saying: 

• “The Voice” or “Bob’s Burgers” 

• “Search cooking shows” 

• “Find romantic movies” or “Show me sports movies” 

Note: To find shows with your voice, your remote must be paired correctly with your TiVo  device. Usually, the remote is paired when you install the batteries, but if your voice is not  being recognized, you may need to re-pair it. See Remote Settings for instructions. 


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How do I log into the app on my streaming device?
How do I navigate the guide?

Partially and completely viewed on demand videos are saved in the My Rentals folder for as
long as they are available from the Fioptics+ On Demand library. You can watch them again at
any time during the rental period.
To restart a video in progress, or to re-watch a video you have already viewed:
1. Select On Demand from the Home screen.
2. Select the My Rentals folder, and then select the video you want to watch.
3. Choose to resume playing where you left off or to start from the beginning.

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How do I log into the app on my streaming device?
How many shows can I record at once?

Your TiVo device has access to thousands of the latest hit shows and movies — most of them  free! 

Whenever you search for a show, available Fioptics+ On Demand shows are included in the results. Its just that easy to find the shows you want. But if you'd rather browse the available On Demand offerings, just choose On Demand from the Home screen. 

To select an on demand video: 

1. On the main Fioptics+ On Demand page, you’ll see a list of categories (like New, Drama, or Comedy) to choose from. Highlight the category you wish to browse and press OK/ SELECT. 

2. If you are offered sub-categories, choose a sub-category and press OK/SELECT. 

3. A list of available videos is displayed. You’ll see the videos price, and when you highlight  the video, you’ll see a brief description in the right column. 

4. Once you've located a video you want, highlight it and press OK/SELECT. This will bring  you to a screen that gives you more details on the video and, in many cases, allows you to watch a free preview. 

5. If the video is free, the information screen will have an option to play it. Select Play to start the video. 

If the video must be rented to view it, the information screen will have an option to rent & watch now (the price will be listed). Select Rent & watch now to order the video. 

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Pay Per View
How do I navigate the guide?

Some shows that have aired within the last three days are available to watch using Catch Up.
Simply open the Guide and move to the left, past the channel column, for up to 72 hours (3
days) to find your show. If you see a Restart/Catch Up icon, select the show to watch it.

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How to access Fioptics+ Video on Demand?

Try using the Restart feature. On many shows, when you turn to a show that is currently airing,
you’ll see the Restart/Catch Up icon and an on-screen tip telling you to press and hold OK/SELECT to start the show from the beginning.

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What are these channels in the Guide that go to Streaming Apps?
I forgot to record something. Can I watch it anyway?

Pay Per View will be available to order from the Managed STBs ONLY by an on-screen purchase window.  Customers will have access to the most compelling live sports and events as well has newest movies to rent at the touch of their fingers.
Not only can you rent from Fioptics+ assets, but, if subscribed, you can purchase rentals through the most popular OTT apps directly.  Renting PPV assets through the OTT app will bill to the payment source set up when customer subscribed to those apps, these charges will not show on the Fioptics+ invoice. 


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What features are available in the Fioptics+ streaming device/mobile app?
What Fioptics+ features are available by platform?

Pause/Play, Rewind and Fast Forward 
While watching live, recorded or Video on Demand shows, pressing the center “OK” button on the remote will bring up the on screen “Trickplay” controls.  This screen contains the on screen buttons for Fast Forward, Re-Wind Pause and Play.  It also contains buttons to Skip Ahead and Skip Back and Start Over from the beginning for a recording or Go to Live TV.  The menu also contains a faint white line showing a one-hour period. The green segment of the line shows the portion of the hour that has been saved by your TiVo device. You can rewind or fastforward anywhere within that green segment. The thick white line marks your current point in time. When the white line is back in the green segment, you’re “behind” live TV.
  • Press OK, LEFT, or RIGHT on your remote to bring up the status bar.
  • If you pressed OK, the Pause icon will be highlighted; press OK/SELECT again to pause.
  • If you pressed LEFT or RIGHT, the Rewind or Fast-forward icon will be highlighted, respectively. Press the button again to begin the action.  You can press FF or RR buttons up to three times to increase the speed for FF or RR.
Note: The above descriptions are true for Creek and Unmanaged device remotes.  S6A TiVo remote has dedicated FF, RR, Play/Pause buttons and only a single press is required to initiate Trickplay.
Note: Customers without nDVR service will be able to Pause Live TV up until the 10-minute buffer.  Once reached, Video playback will resume.  Depending on a channel’s rights, FF may not be available.  Customers would either continue watching TV from the resume point, or skip ahead to Live TV.

Start over & Catch up
Keep up with your shows using Start Over and Catch Up. Shows with Start Over and Catch Up
available display a Start Over/Catch Up icon in the Guide or mini guide (pressing DOWN
while watching live TV), or on when you highlight a episode on the Series screen.
Start Over: If you start watching a live show when it is already in progress, start over from the beginning. Simply start playing the show, then press and hold OK/SELECT to start over
from the beginning.
Catch Up: If you missed an episode when it aired, Catch Up lets you watch it after the fact.
(Availability depends on the show.) Hint: To find Catch Up shows, page LEFT in the Guide
and look for the Catch Up icon. Select a show with the Start Over/Catch Up icon and then
choose the Watch Now from ... option.

Note: To stop watching a show from Start over & Catch up, press EXIT on your remote. 

Look for the Catch Up and Restart icon on shows that allow that functionality.



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What features are available in the Fioptics+ streaming device/mobile app?

Jump Channels are channels in the Guide that allow the user to jump into the most popular OTT apps and Fioptics+ VOD catalog with the press of a button.  No need to change inputs or open up the Apps and Games menu, just find the Jump Channel for the OTT app you would like to launch, select it and you are automatically dropped into the apps main menu. 

Ex. Jump Channels in Fioptics+ Guide

Note: OTT apps do not come as part of the Fioptics+ service and are subscribed to separately.  Once you have logged into those apps for the first time, you will not be required to do so any subsequent visits.
Currently Available Jump Channels 

  • Disney+  51

  • Prime Video 399

  • Netflix 400

  • HBO Max 411

  • Music Choice 300

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Using the Fioptics+ App on Fire TV Devices
Playback Features

  • Fioptics+ user experience streamed to your mobile device with the Fioptics+ app
  • Recordings and favorite channels, downloadable or streaming, all on your tablet or phone
  • Login with your operator subscriber credentials
  • In-home and out-of-home streaming
  • Mobile 4.6 will support voice search for both iOS and Android
  • What to Watch
  • Guide
  • VOD Browse
  • My Shows
  • Search
  • OnePass Manager
  • Restart & Catch Up
  • Content Detail Screens
  • To Do List

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How do I control a video I am watching On Demand?
How do I log into the app on my streaming or mobile device?

When you search or browse for movies or individual episodes of a series, your results include
videos available to stream from your selected video apps — no need to switch to a different
input. Available video apps are shown in the right column of the search screen or on the
Series, Movie, or Episode screen. From there, you can see a list of your streaming options.
Don't have time to watch it now? Rather than search for it again later, bookmark it to watch
later. Currently available streaming movies are found in My Shows in the Movies filter, or in the
Streaming Movies group in the All Shows filter. Available TV shows are added to the TV Series
category and to All Shows.
If a streaming video is currently unavailable from any of your video providers, its added to the

Not Currently Available group at the bottom of My Shows. When the video becomes available, it will automatically be added to the correct filter in My Shows. 


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