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What are these channels in the Guide that go to Streaming Apps?

Jump Channels are channels in the Guide that allow the user to jump into the most popular OTT apps and Fioptics+ VOD catalog with the press of a button.  No need to change inputs or open up the Apps and Games menu, just find the Jump Channel for the OTT app you would like to launch, select it and you are automatically dropped into the apps main menu. 

Ex. Jump Channels in Fioptics+ Guide

Note: OTT apps do not come as part of the Fioptics+ service and are subscribed to separately.  Once you have logged into those apps for the first time, you will not be required to do so any subsequent visits.
Currently Available Jump Channels 

  • Disney+  51

  • Prime Video 399

  • Netflix 400

  • HBO Max 411

  • Music Choice 300