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Playback Features

Pause/Play, Rewind and Fast Forward 
While watching live, recorded or Video on Demand shows, pressing the center “OK” button on the remote will bring up the on screen “Trickplay” controls.  This screen contains the on screen buttons for Fast Forward, Re-Wind Pause and Play.  It also contains buttons to Skip Ahead and Skip Back and Start Over from the beginning for a recording or Go to Live TV.  The menu also contains a faint white line showing a one-hour period. The green segment of the line shows the portion of the hour that has been saved by your TiVo device. You can rewind or fastforward anywhere within that green segment. The thick white line marks your current point in time. When the white line is back in the green segment, you’re “behind” live TV.
  • Press OK, LEFT, or RIGHT on your remote to bring up the status bar.
  • If you pressed OK, the Pause icon will be highlighted; press OK/SELECT again to pause.
  • If you pressed LEFT or RIGHT, the Rewind or Fast-forward icon will be highlighted, respectively. Press the button again to begin the action.  You can press FF or RR buttons up to three times to increase the speed for FF or RR.
Note: The above descriptions are true for Creek and Unmanaged device remotes.  S6A TiVo remote has dedicated FF, RR, Play/Pause buttons and only a single press is required to initiate Trickplay.
Note: Customers without nDVR service will be able to Pause Live TV up until the 10-minute buffer.  Once reached, Video playback will resume.  Depending on a channel’s rights, FF may not be available.  Customers would either continue watching TV from the resume point, or skip ahead to Live TV.

Start over & Catch up
Keep up with your shows using Start Over and Catch Up. Shows with Start Over and Catch Up
available display a Start Over/Catch Up icon in the Guide or mini guide (pressing DOWN
while watching live TV), or on when you highlight a episode on the Series screen.
Start Over: If you start watching a live show when it is already in progress, start over from the beginning. Simply start playing the show, then press and hold OK/SELECT to start over
from the beginning.
Catch Up: If you missed an episode when it aired, Catch Up lets you watch it after the fact.
(Availability depends on the show.) Hint: To find Catch Up shows, page LEFT in the Guide
and look for the Catch Up icon. Select a show with the Start Over/Catch Up icon and then
choose the Watch Now from ... option.

Note: To stop watching a show from Start over & Catch up, press EXIT on your remote. 

Look for the Catch Up and Restart icon on shows that allow that functionality.