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What is a master password for Password SafeGuard?

Once you've installed Password SafeGuard, and you start the application for the first time, you have to create a master password. This password is very important, as it allows access to Password SafeGuard, and protects all your password data.
Choosing a unique, hard-to-guess master password or passphrase (such as "DenverhaslotsofMounta1ns") will keep your passwords safe. Do not use your master password for any other online account password. It should be unique to this service.
For your security, altafiber cannot reset your master password or send you a recovery code if you forget your master password. This has been a conscious decision by altafiber to increase your security and privacy. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you create a QR recovery code as soon as you have taken the password manager service into use.  The QR recovery code is a secure and easy way for you to recover your master password if you forget it. See FAQ "How do I create a QR recovery Code?" for instructions on how to create and store your QR code.