How do I use Guide Filters?

Filters allow you to limit the channels that appear on your Guide. With a Favorites List applied as a Filter, your Guide will only display the channels that you have included in the applied Favorites List.

To apply a Filter, press the FAV button on your remote until your desired Favorites List appears.  Guide Filter name will flash yellow when it changes.

You can also apply a Filter through the Favorites Menu:

  • From the Main Menu, select Favorites, then select Choose
  • You will be presented with a list of available Guide Filters: 
    • All: displays all channels
    • HD: displays only high-definition channels
    • SD: displays only standard-definition channels
    • Subscribed: displays only channels included in your Channel Package
    • Each of your Favorites Lists
  • Select the option or Favorites List you want to apply as a Guide Filter
  • The next time you access your Program Guide, only the channels included in your selected Filter will appear