How do I use Restart TV?

Restart TV is a feature that allows altafiber Fioptics+ customers to go back to the beginning of a show that is already in progress. Restart TV channels are identified in the guide by their background color. Each background theme (Traditional, Transparent or Large Font) has a slightly different look.

Traditional Theme
With this theme, Restart TV channels in the guide will have a darker background than non-Restart TV channels.

Transparent Theme
With the Transparent theme, Restart TV channels have a lighter gray background.

Large Font Theme
The Large Font theme has not been updated to distinguish Restart TV channels in the guide. Look for an update to fix this in the near future.

To initiate Restart TV mode, press the OK  button on the remote while watching the program, then select Restart Program. To exit Restart TV mode, simply press the STOP button on your remote. Please note: All trick play (fast-forward, rewind, and pause) functionality will be disabled while watching Restart TV programs.