How do I use the YouTube application?

With the latest Fioptics+ TV upgrade to your set-top box, you now have access to the YouTube application, which allows you to view YouTube videos right on your TV screen!

To access the YouTube application:

  • Select YouTube from the Main Menu
  • Use the ARROW buttons to select one of the available options: 
    • Search
    • Featured Videos
    • Most Popular Today
    • Most Popular This Week
    • Most Popular of All Time
    • Top Rated
    • Top Favorites
    • Settings (allows you to enter your YouTube username)

To view a video from within one of the above categories, use the ARROW buttons to locate a video, then press the OK button to start the video.

To search for a video, select Search, then use the onscreen keyboard to enter your search term and select Done.

To control playback of the video, use the FAST FORWARD >>, REWIND <<, PAUSE II, PLAY I>, and STOP   buttons on your remote.

For more options, access the Flip Bar by pressing the UP ARROW on your remote:

  • Navigate to the YouTube home page
  • Skip backward (start video from the beginning)
  • Skip forward (skip to the end of the video)
  • Captions (enable or disable)
  • Press the DOWN ARROW button to view additional videos from the same category
  • Press the RETURN button to return to the YouTube home page

Note: This feature is currently not available on ZTE branded set-top boxes.