How do I signup and login to use the Watch Fioptics TV App?

First, you will need to download the version of the app you need. 
 - Device download process: 
    - To download the Watch altafiber TV app, access the app/play store and type "Watch altafiber TV"  into the seach box or click on one of the following URLs: 

Watch altafiber TV for Android: 

Watch altafiber TV for iPhone: 

Watch altafiber TV for iPad: 

The first time you open the Watch altafiber TV application, you will see the login screen. The login screen includes fields for your MyAccount username and password as well as buttons for "I forgot My Account credentials," "Register for a My Account," and "Login." 
Once you have entered in your credentials, you will recieve an authenticating/logging in message and load screen.
If you don't have a MyAccount and need to sign up for one, simply click the "Register for a My Account" buttom. The app will then link you to the mobile site for My Account. *Please note you have no been redirected to a browser for My Account and after you sign up for your My Account, you will need to return to the app to login.

If you have forgotten your MyAccount password, click "I forgot My Account credentials" and the app will then link to the mobile site for MyAccount. *Please note you have now been redirected to a browser to reset your password for My Account. Once completed, return to the app to login.